Finally! Big companies ditching plastic straws!

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Have you noticed how huge companies now are ditching plastic straws? This goes from airlines all the way from coffee companies, let's give them a huge round of applause!  We wish the measures would be much stricter but seems like it will take some a while to completely get rid of their plastic straws, but it is a start! 




On July 9th, 2018, the big Starbucks giant announced that they would get rid of plastic straws from more than 28,000 locations by 2020. This will help eliminate more than 1 billion plastic straws per year.  Their move is to create plastic lids, which are according to them easier to recycle, they also mentioned that in some places they would offer straws from alternative materials, from paper or compostable plastic.How do you feel about this move?  Could they do better?  Replacing plastic with plastic ? logomarriott logohilton



These hotel chains have also announced recently they would reduce their single plastic use. Hyatt Hotels revealed that after September 2018 they would only provide plastic straws and picks only at request, and that eco-friendly alternative would be provided where available.

Hilton Hotels also followed along with this by letting the public know that they would implement plans to remove plastic straws and offer paper or biodegradable alternatives upon request.  Not only are they doing awesome with this type of news but they also decided to take it a step further by also removing plastic water bottles from their meeting rooms and events. 

 According to The New York Times Marriott Hotels would also get rid of the disgusting plastic straws from all its 6,500 hotels and resorts worldwide by 2019.



Alaska airlines logo

american airlines

Earlier this May 2018 Alaska Airlines newsroom  let the public know they would start getting rid of these of these as well! And in July 2018 they actually began with this initiative! All domestic and international flights and lounges banned plastic straws! 


The Associate Press also announced that American Airlines  would replace their plastic straws for biodegradable alternatives, but haven't really announced which ones they will go for. We are just happy to know they will be eco alternative solutions for all their travellers. 



So with all these companies coming on board, all we're missing is your beautiful self. Have you found good alternatives to plastic straws?  Remember to check OUR Straws for some incredible alternatives and tell us which one is  your favourite! 


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