Why VeganStraws? Sup with that?

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Not all of us here are VeganStraws are vegans (sorry!) and we really do not wish to take advantage or offend anyone by just adding the word vegan to our brand name. 

We just got fascinated by the way the word 'vegan' unifies the abstinence of the use of animal products and the rejection of the idea that animals are really a commodity. This philosophy and way of living is something we appreaciate and respect and with it the protection of species and ecosystems. 

Because of this we wanted to mimic this philosophy, but we are not about the reinvent the wheel, we just really want to minimize the impact we all have when using household products we throw away without giving it a single second thought. 

We noticed how many plastic straws we use on a daily basis but not only at home, we do so in restaurants, pubs, parties!  We have our drink with our fancy plastic straw and dispose from it as it never existed.  This has become our norm. We do not make a conscious effort anymore.

So all we wish to do, is to get our brains to be more conscious of the fact that we are affecting our lives and the live of other species and their ecosystems negatively.

Yes, very long sentence.  Sadly also very true. 

Want to know how one single plastic straw affects our world? Please watch the video below at your own discretion as it contains distressing footage.  Yes, we know it isn't nice to see these things, but if its not important to throw plastic straws away, it shouldn't be a problem watching the repercussion of all our actions. They are after all, our responsibilities. 

While on a research project in Costa Rica, Nathan J. Robinson removed a 10 cm (4 in) plastic straw that was entirely embedded into the nostril of an olive ridley sea turtle. 🐢

We can do it now, WE can have a positive impact if we all do it together.  At home try avoiding using products you know you will use once and then throw away. As simple as that. It doesn't get any easier. 

All our Straws  ♻️ are options for you, not only do they help you save money (no longer needing to buy disgusting plastic straws) but you are also saving our planet one plastic straw at a time. 

 What are you doing to reuse households at home? or be more environmentally friendly?  All ideas are welcome! Feel free to share yours, we can all learn from each other. 🤜 🤛



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  • Isn’t it incredible how the UK is banning plastic straws?! Awesome read. Keep up the good work! I’m placing my order with you guys now. Do you have a discount? ;-)

    Carlos on

  • It is true! So sad this is happening around, never really noticed how a single plastic straw could affect other animals. I always bring my own handmade bags to get our groceries, no more plastic bags around, and really this also saves so much space too, we used to store them as we thought we’d use them more.

    Cinzia on

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