Our Story

We are just a team of regular human beings who enjoy milkshakes, smoothies and alcoholic fancy cocktails and sure non alcoholic as well and like you and we'd like to make a bit of a difference with the way we treat our world. 

We learned how much plastic is affecting our world, our eco-system, animals and their homes, and plastic straws pollution is truly ridiculous. In the United States alone, 500 million drinking plastic freakin' straws are used every single day.😤  Gross.

Did that shock you? 😲 That means that 125 school buses (again) all filled with these plastic every day.  Doing further math, that is almost 47,000 buses each year in the United States alone, can you imagine it world wide?  We really don't want to, but it is the reality we live in.

Anyway, so short story is....😎  we love our drinks, we found an amazing way of enjoying them with Stainless Steel Straws and Glass Straws while we save the world one straw at a time with these awesome VeganStraws! 🙌

We just love them and we know you will too. 😍 


The VeganStraws Team