EcoShipping - Eco whaaat?

EcoShipping for VeganStrawsLet's be honest, we are aware that our shipping times aren't fast. 

We know, we know..... #WaitingSucks 🙅

We are a small operation,  when we obtain your order it is sent out to produce, this takes a total of about 3-5 days. 

Once ready, the product isn't sent to us, it is sent  🚀  directly to YOU WORLDWIDE. 

This allows us (together) to avoid more pollution in our environment due to carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions caused by the transportation process alone. 

It also keeps our prices reasonable for the products as well as the shipping costs. 

We ask you, please don't get discouraged! You will be happy with your order once you get it! It's like waiting for the perfect vacation to come :-)  and then it does and then UFFFF Time to relax!  We shall not disappoint you. 

If you really need to get this ASAP 🚨, we aren't at this time the best solution for you as nor SuperWoman nor The Flash have submitted their applications to work with us.  Hopefully soon though!  ✌

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this important information before ordering! 

 from me to you veganstraws